Team Popcorn

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

An Update

The project is still coming on in leaps and bounds, we have set ourselves some objectives for the coming couple of weeks which will hopefully end up with most of the implementation completed.

Highlights in development..

  • Track Drawing in the Simulation, still need to add ability to draw track within application. (currently in separate program).
  • Tried out varying methods of training cars.
  • Had a go at training cars to go left, even though there parents could go right :)

Fixed this evening...

  • Fixed Screen Refresh Problem, whereby graphics of cars would get stuck on screen.
  • Added ability to Start/Stop Simulation using buttons.
  • Added ability to Save/Load Genetic Algorithm Populations (Cool feature!)

And a nice screen shot.. more to come

Slightly evolved cars attempting to go around a figure of eight track :)


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